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» » Felsbrunn Conversion - Multiplayer capable v2.0 for FS19

Felsbrunn Conversion - Multiplayer capable v2.0 for FS19

3 December 2018 admin 479 0
Tested version:
Felsbrunn Conversion FS19

Category - Maps FS 19
Version - v1.1.3
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Description about Felsbrunn Conversion - Multiplayer capable v2.0 for FS19:

Mod Felsbrunn Conversion - Multiplayer capable v2.0 for FS19 | Farming Simulator 2019 game.

I got the card from a friend who found the yard remodeling of "bigshogun" great with the request to build him an area for shelters at field 10.

Version 2.0 All animal husbandry installed and yard redesigned
- New main courtyard with cows, horses and chickens
- Sheep pasture and pig pens placed

When I started I could not stop and just rebuilt a bit further;)
Have created a new parking space with shelters and filling stations in field 10 which was fitted into the landscape. At the top of fields 4 and 5 (which are not owned at the beginning) I have created a contractor farm with two large halls, two shelters, workshop, laundry and gas station.
(If you do not play the contractor yard in the multiplayer you have to edit the savegame the items.xml and adjust the index of the placed buildings to the other player as otherwise he can not open the gates etc. Unfortunately, there is no other way to do it thanks to Giants since all placed things are assigned to the first player at the beginning)
Furthermore, I have built in small gimmicks like hidden old cars and a construction site that makes a side street impassable;)
Much of the trees and decoration on the side of the road and field margin has been added because the map was just in some places to "empty" looked.
I hope one or the other likes the map and he has a little fun :)
THE ZIP MUST BE UNPACKED AND MODERN !!! All built buildings are included and adapted! 

 Tested on game version 1.1.3
  • Felsbrunn Conversion FS19
  • Felsbrunn Conversion FS19
  • Felsbrunn Conversion FS19
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How to install « Felsbrunn Conversion - Multiplayer capable v2.0 for FS19»:

1. Download the mod and save in your computer
2. Copy the mod in ,,My Computer> My Documents> My Games> Farming Simulator 2019 > mods"
3. Start the game, activate the mod

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