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» » Felsbrunn Umbau Map - Multiplayer fahig v4.0 for FS19

Felsbrunn Umbau Map - Multiplayer fahig v4.0 for FS19

20 January 2019 admin 504 0
Tested version:
Felsbrunn Umbau Map - Multiplayer fahig v4.0 for FS19

Category - Maps FS 19
Version - v1.2.x
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Description about Felsbrunn Umbau Map - Multiplayer fahig v4.0 for FS19:

Download mod Felsbrunn Umbau Map - Multiplayer fahig v3.2 for FS19 | Farming Simulator 19 game.

Changelogs Version 4.0:

- slurry storage at field 20
- Chicken coop installed in the main courtyard
- Nearby guardrails changed and driveway a bit wider
- Added decoration between many fields
- Many field entries processed or newly added
- BGA redesigned (more green and sapling)
- Mill added as a point of sale
- new point of sale where the construction site was
- Spwanpunkt fixed the guell purchase
- Houses / buildings placed as decoration
- Workshop upstairs at the harbor
- Diner installed as a decoration

Version 3.2
- Farmlands now correctly assigned so that different plots can be purchased
- Point of sale for wood down in the city added for the lower Forsthof
- Multifruit FarmSilo bug fixed, new fruit types and fill volume changed
- New Placeable Buildings installed on all yards (included in map and available for purchase in the shop)
- Main courtyard completely redesigned with large cowshed (up to 500 cows), 2 Keilfahrsilos, shelters and hall
- chicken coop removed (never use it and find the handling of the boxes still pretty stupid solved)
- Third entrance and exit at the main courtyard behind the cowshed to shorten driveways
- Removed straw storage and built a workshop and gas station on the premises
- New stables designed near the riding arena
- Travel points created in different places on the map to visit this
- Dairy down in the city (former football field) for sale of milk
- Manure purchase added near East Station in front of the railway tracks (for the organic farmers who want to fertilize the same with manure)
- Access to field 5 added (missing from Giants)
- new farm at field 15 added to pigsty with plenty of space for placeable for free development
- Contractor farm in the northeast now individually purchasable and also redecorated with other workshop etc.
- Added more forest in fields 4 and 5
- Field 27 removes, is now a fertilizable meadow
- Fence extended to box 19
- Added a lot of new trees and deco greens / bushes
- In the FarmSilo is already some straw, hay, silage, compound feed, etc. to start
- adapted PDA

Changes to the map please look under the "tab" Changes;)
Any suggestions or criticism please in orderly manners, Thanks
If you like the map please do not forget that
rate;) THANKS
(If you do not play the contractor yard in the multiplayer you have to edit the savegame the items.xml and adjust the index of the placed buildings to the other player as otherwise he can not open the gates etc. Unfortunately, there is no other way to do it thanks to Giants since all placed things are assigned to the first player at the beginning)
Furthermore, I have built in small gimmicks like hidden old cars and a construction site that makes a side street impassable;)
Much of the trees and decoration on the side of the road and field margin has been added because the map was just in some places to "empty" looked.
I hope one or the other likes the map and he has a little fun :)

Tested on game version 1.2.x                  
  • Felsbrunn Umbau Map - Multiplayer fahig v4.0 for FS19
  • Felsbrunn Umbau Map - Multiplayer fahig v4.0 for FS19
  • Felsbrunn Umbau Map - Multiplayer fahig v4.0 for FS19
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How to install « Felsbrunn Umbau Map - Multiplayer fahig v4.0 for FS19»:

1. Download the mod and save in your computer
2. Copy the mod in ,,My Computer> My Documents> My Games> Farming Simulator 2019 > mods"
3. Start the game, activate the mod

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