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Vehicle Explorer Mod v0.9.1 for FS19

21 February 2019 admin 1 001 0
Tested version:
Vehicle Explorer Mod for FS19

Category - Other mods FS 2019
Version - v1.3.x
Credits: - sperrgebiet
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Description about Vehicle Explorer Mod v0.9.1 for FS19:

Download Vehicle Explorer Mod v0.9.0.2 for FS19 | Farming Simulator 19 game.

**This is a revamp of the good old VehicleSort from FS17**

Changes in v0.9.1.0:
- I consider it as Beta. I tested it quite a lot myself, but hope for some helpful feedback from the community. - I consider it as Beta. I tested it quite a lot myself, but hope for some helpful feedback from the community.

For beginners: VehicleExplorer helps you organize your vehicles, by showing you a list which can be organized, well, sorted by you.
Besides that it has a couple of additional functionality. See below.

Feedback, this readme and additional information incl. source code can be find at: https://github.com/sperrgebiet/FS19_VehicleExplorer

**Please download the latest version directly from GitHub**
[Latest version](https://github.com/sperrgebiet/FS19_VehicleExplorer/blob/master/FS19_VehicleExplorer.zip)

### Features
* List of all steerable vehicles (Specialization: Enterable)
* Set a customer order for your vehicles
  * Your order is saved in the default vehicles.xml, so no additional clutter
* Enter your vehicles directly with a click of a (mouse) button
  * This is meant literally, see known issues ;)
* Park your vehicles, so that a switch of vehicles via Tab ignores them
* Repair vehicles and its implements
* Displaying a store image next to the list
* Info box with additional informations
* Motor on/off, turned on/off (for e.g. harvester) and light status is saved and restored
* Different colors in the list if a vehicle is selected, or currently used by a helper/Courseplay
* Config Menu
  * Config is saved per savegame within modsSettings/VehicleExplorer/savegameX
  * Show/hide trains in the list
  * Show/hide station cranes in the list (No idea if that actually works, would need a map with a crane to test)
  * Show/hide steerable implements/trailers (e.g. forwarder trailer with crane)
  * Show/hide brand names in the list
  * Show/hide your own name when you enter a vehicle
  * Show/hide horse power in the list
  * Show/hide fill levels in the list
  * Show/hide implements in the list
  * Show/hide store images
  * Show/hide infobox
  * Change text size
  * Change list background transparency
  * Enable/disable saving of the additional vehicle status (motor, turnedOn, lights)
  * Show/hide keybindings in the game F1 help menu (needs a game restart to take affect)

### Known issues
* Although you can change all the keyboard bindings, the mouse actions are hardcoded for now
  * Left mouse click: Enter vehicle
  * Right mouse click: Select vehicle (to e.g. move it)
  * Right mouse click: Change value in the config menu
  * Mouse wheel: Selection up/down in list
* The actual 'tab order' of vehicles is not changed
* Metric measuring units are used
* Chaining for implements
  * For now just the directly attached implements get respected. This means for repair and the info box just a e.g. trailer is recognized, but not a trailer which is attached to another trailer
* Max of three columns. If you've more vehicles (which would be insane anyways ;) , just disable the display of brand name etc
* A wrong value for horse power is displayed for trains
* Sometimes selling or resetting a vehicle is causing a flickering of the vehicle list. I've already an idea why, just have to look more into it.
As a workaround you just have to move any vehicle a position up or down, then a reshuffle is triggered and the list is rendered properly again.

### Incompatible Mods
* SpeedControl (to be fixed)

## Default Keybinding
KeyPad 0 -> Show/hide vehicle list
KeyPad Minus -> Show/hide config menu 
KeyPad Enter -> Enter vehicle
KeyPad Plus -> Toggle parking
KeyPad 5 -> Select item (for moving the vehicle) or to change values in the config
KeyPad 8 -> Move up in the list/config
KeyPad 2 -> Move down in the list/config
1 -> Move up fast in the list/config
2 -> Move down fast in the list/config
LAlt + R -> Repair vehicle incl. implements

Mouse Left: Enter vehicle
Mouse Right:  Select item/change values in config
Mouse Wheel: List up/down

## Note that the current version does NOT support multiplayer!
Quite frankly, I've no idea about the MP code needed and also no possibility to test it. Actually I think it shouldn't be a big deal, and maybe it already works by just changing
the MP setting in the moddesc.xml from false to true. I assume just the parking possibility has an impact to MP.

Tested on game version 1.3.x
Screenshots Mod
Vehicle Explorer Mod v0.9.1 for FS19 Vehicle Explorer Mod v0.9.1 for FS19 Vehicle Explorer Mod v0.9.1 for FS19

How to install « Vehicle Explorer Mod v0.9.1 for FS19»:

1. Download the mod and save in your computer
2. Copy the mod in ,,My Computer> My Documents> My Games> Farming Simulator 2019 > mods"
3. Start the game, activate the mod

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