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» » KrAZ-255B (КрАЗ-255Б) Laptezhnik v2.5 for FS19

KrAZ-255B (КрАЗ-255Б) Laptezhnik v2.5 for FS19

11 May 2019 admin 396 0
Tested version:
KrAZ-255B (КрАЗ-255Б) Laptezhnik v2.5 for FS19

Category - Trucks FS 19
Version - v1.3.x
Credits: - ЛЕХА, Axary
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Description about KrAZ-255B (КрАЗ-255Б) Laptezhnik v2.5 for FS19:

Download mod KrAZ-255B (КрАЗ-255Б) Laptezhnik v2.5 for FS19 | Farming Simulator 19 game.

Features truck:
- Power: 177 kW / 240 hp;
- Speed: 80 km / h;
- Volume of a fuel tank: 330 l .;
- Cost: 65,500 €;
- Select the primary color;
- Choice of color design;
- Select the color of the rim;
- Engine selection (YaMZ-238 / YaMZ-6585-04);
- Choice of wheels (highway / marsh);
- The choice of design (set frame / additional lighting);
- Removable hood hoods;
- Dynamic hoses;
- Animated mud flaps;
- Animated drive shafts;
- Animated suspension;
- the choice of Color
- the choice of wheels
- the choice of body color and rims
- the choice of design
- the model has own interior
- the model has own wheels
- the model has own sound
- Working lights
- The dust from the wheels
- Traces of wheels
- Dirt / Washable 
- detailed model
- animated parts

Version 2.5:
- Added modification Kraz 255B dump truck
- minor edits

Other info about truck:
- Changed the collision zone so that Kraz could overcome higher obstacles (the calculation was for hemp and logs lying on the ground)
- The suspension travel was significantly increased and its rigidity was reduced: Kraz sags when loaded and beautifully plays wheels on the terrain.
- Updated some textures and models (while at the minimum).
- Available selection of primary color, color design and one of the discs.
- There are 2 engines to choose from: authentic YMZ-238 for 240 forces and its modern modification YMZ-6585-04 for 420 forces (believe me, no longer needed, 1962 Nm of dragging in any situation).
- 3 types of wheels: Road (although who needs them?) + Boggers with discs that can be painted + Boggers with authentic discs.
- Working lighting, paid special attention to it, the lights turned out very realistic.
- Animated rear suspension (front is still oak).
- Work tachometer + speedometer + fuel level
- Soiled / washed.
- The log is clean ...

The work on Krazom is underway, I will be happy to hear the advice, suggestions and comments ...
I would be glad if someone will help with the front suspension ..

Tested on game version 1.3.x
Screenshots Mod
KrAZ-255B (КрАЗ-255Б) Laptezhnik v2.5 for FS19 KrAZ-255B (КрАЗ-255Б) Laptezhnik v2.5 for FS19 KrAZ-255B (КрАЗ-255Б) Laptezhnik v2.5 for FS19
Gameplay Video #1 Trailer FS19

How to install « KrAZ-255B (КрАЗ-255Б) Laptezhnik v2.5 for FS19»:

1. Download the mod and save in your computer
2. Copy the mod in ,,My Computer> My Documents> My Games> Farming Simulator 2019 > mods"
3. Start the game, activate the mod

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