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Improved Farm Creation - Farming Simulator 19

24 July 2018 admin 1 180 0
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Improved Farm Creation FS19
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Description about Improved Farm Creation - Farming Simulator 19:

Welcome to the first devblog for Farming Simulator 19! In the run-up to release we’ll be sharing in-depth details about the new and improved features coming in Farming Simulator 19. Today we’ll introduce you to the new farm creation systems that give you more options for how and where to build your farm.
The central pillar of these new systems is a change to how owning land works. Rather than purchasing single fields, you now buy tracts of land that include fields, forests, and space for buildings. This is now yours to do with as you wish: Creating new fields, placing silos for storage, placing pastures, and cutting down the trees for lumber.

It all ties into our three new play modes:
  • New Farmer is a balanced starting experience that gives you some equipment and a small pre-placed farm, ready to be upgraded. This mode is similar in playstyle to previous Farming Simulator games and recommended for new players.
  • Farm Manager gives you a large amount of money but no farm or equipment to speak of. This leaves you totally open to build the farm of your dreams, picking a prime starting location and crafting everything from the produce to the aesthetics.
  • Start From Scratch is the most hardcore option, enabling realistic settings and starting you with no land, no farm, and limited money. You will need to plan carefully, and we’re excited to see which areas of the map become optimal starting locations under these conditions.
Enhancing this experience is an expansion of the placeable system, which allows you to choose not only where your farm is, but how it looks. Decoration placeables will add to the look and feel of your farm, while pastures of animals and silo storage points let you custom-design its efficiency. This is also how you choose your house spawn point and hire your new canine friend, as seen in the E3 CGI trailer.

It even allows for multiple farms in one multiplayer server, with individual players owning different areas of the map, and specializing in different areas. Max out on pastures to create the perfect cattle farm, use arable land to produce food - choose how to use the land at your disposal. The details of multiplayer will be discussed further in a future update.
Naturally, modding is fully supported in these improved systems. Industrious community members are invited to create their own farmhouses, husbandries, farm silos, and anything else for the placeable system. Meanwhile mod maps can define their own purchasable areas, which NPCs are associated with them, how much they cost, and even if they are included in the New Farmer starting mode.

How will you play Farming Simulator 19? Start from nothing and work your way up to maximum efficiency, or build the beautiful farm of your dreams in the most scenic locations thanks to our overhauled graphics engine? We’re looking forward to seeing what you do when Farming Simulator 19 releases later this year.

  • Improved Farm Creation FS19
  • Improved Farm Creation FS19
  • Improved Farm Creation FS19

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