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» » Michigan Map (Seasons Ready) v3.5 for FS19

Michigan Map (Seasons Ready) v3.5 for FS19

3 August 2019 admin 298 0
Tested version:
Michigan Map (Seasons Ready) v3.5 for FS19

Category - Maps FS 19
Version - v1.4.x
Credits: - TaylorFarms, Daze Farms
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Description about Michigan Map (Seasons Ready) v3.5 for FS19:

Download mod Michigan Map v3.5 for FS19 | Farming Simulator 19 game.

Here is the latest update from the author for the Michingan Map, a great map mod for farmers players adapted to the latest game version.

This is the latest Version of the Michigan Map from the Taylor Farms Facebook Page. It has the corrected textures along with the list below.

Changes in v3.5:
* Seasons Ready
* Ice
* Snowmen
* The Train has come back to town
* Error Free

Changes in v3.0.1.4:
- The Michigan Map has been updated to work with Farm Sim 19 Patch 1.4
- All static compound warnnings removed
- The train was removed until a fix for that can be found. 
- Train files are still in map just removed it from default items so it will not call into map.

Changes in v3.0:
* Yard Lights (Auto Turn On)
* Interior Building Lights (Operation by Switch)
* Parking Lot Lights
* Shop Doors on Buildings
* Garage Doors on Buildings
* New Culverts
* New Road Signs
* Road Construction Changes
* Diner Addition
* Construction at the Sawmill
* Camp Grayling (Military) has taken over some State Land
* 7-Eleven moved in
* New Shell Gas Station at Transportation Company
* Main Farm Signs Updated
* Transportation Company Signs Updated
* New Potato Storage Buildings at Frito Lay
* Cell Towers

Changes in v2.0:
• Fixed Double D Ranch, will take Lose Straw, Grass, and Silage
• Added Water Trigger to the map
• Removed Floating Trees
• Setup correct Default Vehicle in New Farmer Mode
• Added Buy-able Land at Transportation Company
• Modified Transport Missions, they will leave from the Transport Company
• Made sawmill area buy-able (Logging Triggers are still broke due to GIANTS Error)
• Lessen terrain hills and valleys in fields 14, 15, 17
• Soybean texture updated ( Still not 100% but better for now)
• Field 11, 12, 20 updated terrain, no longer flat
• Asphalt in town is no longer glossy
• Pioneer Train Trigger has been fixed
• New Farmer mode location has driveway textures
• New Farmer mode has been given fields 29 & 30
• Train Track Textures have been updated

* Career Start Point is still at Taylor Farms, this is not in error that is Taylor Farms and this is what we want it.

Tested on game version 1.4.x    
Screenshots Mod
Michigan Map (Seasons Ready) v3.5 for FS19 Michigan Map (Seasons Ready) v3.5 for FS19 Michigan Map (Seasons Ready) v3.5 for FS19
Gameplay Video #1 Gameplay Video #2 Trailer FS19

How to install « Michigan Map (Seasons Ready) v3.5 for FS19»:

1. Download the mod and save in your computer
2. Copy the mod in ,,My Computer> My Documents> My Games> Farming Simulator 2019 > mods"
3. Start the game, activate the mod

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