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Irgendwo in Thuringen II v2.1 for FS19

20 November 2019 admin 409 0
Tested version:
Irgendwo in Thuringen II v2.1 for FS19

Category - Maps FS 19
Version - v1.5.x
Credits: - kastor
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Description about «Irgendwo in Thuringen II v2.1 for FS19»:

Dowmload mod Irgendwo in Thuringen II v2.1 for FS19 | Farming Simulator 19 game.

Kastor, LS19, D-S agricultural service, new map and no end in sight?

You know each other on the "Somewhere in Thuringia" for the LS17, you are familiar with every angle and field, you think there is nothing left. Then hold on to your caps and strap your boots to your feet.

Reloaded, warmed up, expanded ... does not get us in the bag. Brand new, real reconstructed and presented with great attention to detail of the D-S-AS the ... bla bla we already had ... now, exclusively, even more recent, even better the ...

Neither costs nor troubles, neither sleepless nights nor annoying family members we shied away, used up even more beer and fast food, in order to enable you exclusively, the much loved and often played Thuringia 2, in an even better and more error-free version.
The elevation model, the fields, forests and roads are based on the available Google Earth data of the region, updated in the update and in addition to the existing

Features map Irgendwo in Thuringen II:
   • 121 purchasable plots (for the old and those who still want it)
   • 60 fields of all shapes and sizes (for small and large and all workaholics)
   • 40 forests (for all wood worms, tree-crawlers, chain saws and Ponnser)
   • 16 meadows (not only for vegetarians and flower children, also for green lovers)
   • 5 outlets (on which the wealth grows and the fleet increases)
   • 3 lakes for water abstraction (water nixies have been spotted, but are bitchy)
   • 1 purchase points for fertilizer, seeds and lime (more income, more money)

Changes in v2.1:
# Control / adapt Kuhstall Hof 3 (fixed / new savegame or attached file used!)
# Start Farmland (SP / Light) is at Court 5 (only for new Savegame)
# Gate Kuhstall Hof1 Correct
# Floor yard 1 hall adjust (fixed, custom but new savegame) (or exchange file)
# Liquid fertilizer adjust bearing output
# Lumber warehouse output yard 3
# Check and adjust feeds court 5
# Adjust Parking Cars (Will be fixed in later versions)
# Courtyard 3 can not be removed from its own silo and stored MP (ID incorrect) (For the existing savegame, the ID must be 1 to 3)
# Farm 1 and 2 store multi-hay hay. (Fixed)
# Hof 1 Maximum number of animals in stables (Fixed)
# Yard 1 Lack of store image fix and display in the shop disabled (fixed)
# Nursery, prob. With pallets (changed pallets, but can now only be sold at the shop or at new savegame at the sawmill)
# all BGA fermented Kapa. increase (done)
# Warning Physics Slurry Yard 5 (fixed)
# Straw bales accepted at cow / pigsty

New in V2.0.0.0 * (no no radar support)
   • Season Ready (snow mask including white roofs and frozen waters)
   • GlobalCompany Script Introduction (lime, fertilizer, seed storage based on the GCS)
   • Two branches of production as introduction and test. (Orchard and nursery)
   • Reshaped yards, now with wildlife facilities and custom BGAs
   • Added field missions (yes sometimes we hear comm wishes: P)

* all changes can be found in changelog.xml

The whole thing is garnished by 3 small villages and an AI traffic, which does not stop you, but also does not tolerate any hassle! We all have no time

Tested on game version 1.5.x 
Screenshots Mod
Irgendwo in Thuringen II v2.1 for FS19 Irgendwo in Thuringen II v2.1 for FS19 Irgendwo in Thuringen II v2.1 for FS19 Irgendwo in Thuringen II v2.1 for FS19 Irgendwo in Thuringen II v2.1 for FS19 Irgendwo in Thuringen II v2.1 for FS19

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