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Lakeland Vale Map v1.60.1 by Stevie for FS19

8 August 2020 admin 3 268 6
Lakeland Vale Map v1.60.1 by Stevie for FS19

Category - Maps FS 19
Version game - v1.6.x
Credits: - Stevie
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Description about «Lakeland Vale Map v1.60.1 by Stevie for FS19»:

Download mod Lakeland Vale Map v1.60.1 by Stevie for FS19 | Farming Simulator 19 game.

Lakeland Vale Map - new great map from Stevie offered for FS19 fan players. Many different manufactures are also included. The map is seasons ready with snow mask and custom textures. AI friendly with large grass areas at field ends and the BGA has 6 clamps, sunken tip points and fast processing. 

Features Lakeland Vale Map:
- 22 large fields;
- points of sale;
- BHA;
- Full pack of animals;

- traffic
- high quality detailed map
- And much more.

Update v1.60.1 (Update 13):
- trees are resized for a more natural look and may require removal via chain saw;

- not built in any Global Script productions;
- added more fruits to the template;
- The map also has multi angle terrain enabled;
- Global Company mod pack is required for the built in fruits compost;
- Aflalfa is integrated into the animals and will be required for full productivity any extra equipment is supplied or compatible for alfalfa. 
- various other improvements and fixes. 

Donation link:

Tested on game version 1.6.x 
Last edited by: admin - 8-08-2020, 21:58
Reason: Mod Updated to v1.60.1 (Update 13)
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Lakeland Vale Map v1.60.1 by Stevie for FS19 Lakeland Vale Map v1.60.1 by Stevie for FS19 Lakeland Vale Map v1.60.1 by Stevie for FS19 Lakeland Vale Map v1.60.1 by Stevie for FS19 Lakeland Vale Map v1.60.1 by Stevie for FS19 Lakeland Vale Map v1.60.1 by Stevie for FS19

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  1. admin
    30 March 2020 12:12 | 93 | 5 454
    + +1 -
    Lakeland Vale Map by Stevie Update 9 (29/03/2020):
    - Adds in connections at the cows, pigs and BGA for the manure system hoses.
    - Fixes an issue with the foliage painting in the landscaping tool.
    - Updates the sheds included with the map.
    - No new game save is required just make a save as soon as you load your current game.

  2. admin
    8 March 2020 04:33 | 93 | 5 454
    + 0 -
    Lakeland Vale Map by Stevie Update 7 (07/03/2020):
    - mainly makes adjustments to the animals triggers and gates.
    - It does not require a new game starting if you have update 5 or 6.

  3. admin
    15 February 2020 16:50 | 93 | 5 454
    + 0 -
    Lakeland Vale Map Update 5 (05/02/2020):

    If you wish to use update 5 with your current gamesave you must first make sure you have all of your owned fields in the ploughed or cultivated state saved in your current game save. AI mission not owned fields are not affected by update 5.

    Update 5 adds new distance textures for field crops, has many improvements, adds the fill type Hmilk into the map and economy for use with my Global Company Homogenised Milk machine available in My Global Company Lakeland Vale mod pack linked below.

  4. admin
    2 February 2020 14:19 | 93 | 5 454
    + 0 -
    Lakeland Vale Map Update 4 (01/02/2020 ):
    • This update requires a fresh game restart. Do not use an old save with this.
    • Adds in several user requested alterations.
    • Adds the ability to remove road signs, street lights and southern power poles so they are out of the way if the user customizes the map layout. Removal is via the store garage and is permanent. It will leave all the above in key areas of the map.
    • Adds extra detailing and painted foliage to certain areas.
    • Replaces field 20's vehicle shed with a removable placeable version.
    • Clip distance adjusted on the vehicle shed and barns wood panels.
    • Fixed the flashing sign on the vehicle shop roof.
    • Land id 63 the roads and boundary is now free to buy.
    • Several areas of terrain have been smoothed.
    • Bale triggers have been added to the animals straw triggers.
    • Support for bale shredders added to the pig straw trigger.
    • There's more. Have fun, this is the last update for the map until one is forced.

  5. admin
    28 January 2020 11:25 | 93 | 5 454
    + 0 -
    Lakeland Vale Map Update 27/01/2020:
    Here's small update 3.
    This fixes cotton sales at the farms wool trigger. Renames Bga2 and adjusts the horse pen along with a few other minor tweaks. Does not require a restart.
    A second download link to a duplicate file is now on my google drive but you must remove .COPY from the end of its name for it to work if you download Lakeland Vale from that link.

  6. admin
    25 January 2020 14:34 | 93 | 5 454
    + 0 -
    Lakeland Vale Map Update 25/01/2020:

    Here is the small update for the map it DOES NOT require a new game or restart. All you need to do after downloading this update and placing it into your mods folder is load the map in game and just save the game straight away. Exit the game and reload it. The new zip file is the exact same name so don't mix them up.

    This will fix the floating electric panel at the BGA, extend the bush draw distance for a better visual look, increase the number of animals each pen can hold to 1200 for sheep, chickens, cows and pigs. Horses are raised to 32. It also will fix the warning for sell point index 35 and finally it will fix visuals on the northern gas station.

    Place the downloaded zip straight into your mods folder, load and play. I offer no support for any external mods used with this map other than my own.