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Swapa Agro Map v2.5 for FS19

16 February 2020 admin 2 453 1
Swapa Agro Map v2.5 for FS19

Category - Maps FS 19
Version game - v1.5.x
Credits: - SvapaAgro
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Description about «Swapa Agro Map v2.5 for FS19»:

Mod Swapa Agro Map v2.5 for FS19 | Farming Simulator 19 game.

Swapa Agro Map - high quality detailed map in Russia style added for farmers players in the game.

Features mod Swapa Agro Map:
- 35 Fields from 1.61 ha. up to 41.46 ha. with the ability to fulfill the mission of the NPC;
- All standard crops as well as - Flax, Rye, Hops, Lavender, Onions, Carrots;
- The necessary equipment for cleaning extra. crops comes with the map;
- All the necessary equipment for the transportation of added products also comes with the card;
- The store has its own categories for an easier search for the necessary machinery and equipment;
- The card is adapted for the "Seasons" mod - we recommend that it dramatically changes the gameplay;
- Livestock complexes and poultry farm cleaned. There are many sites where you can organize a farm as you wish;
- Storage of bulk products with a capacity of 10 million liters and storage for hay, straw, grass, etc. for 10 million liters;
- Storage of seeds, fertilizers and lime;
- The map contains oil production and a refinery;
- The central bridges need to be built, having previously bought a site for them;
- At all industries there is an opportunity to buy the necessary products. Cost is 10 times more expensive than the highest selling price at the time of purchase;
- Also in the store there is a category with products on pallets that can be bought and brought to enterprises for a quick start;

Finished production (no need to build, but have to buy a plot):
- Large base with garages and gas station;
- Large storage;
- 2 timber production;
- 2 production of pallets;
- Quarry (products: sand and gravel);
- Cement plant and lime production (products: cement and lime);
- BGA with Biogas production;
- Elevator for cleaning grain (products: refined grain and bran);
- Reinforced concrete products (production of concrete and concrete blocks);
- Cardboard factory (packaging production);
- Compost Master (compost production);
- Poultry farm (production of carcasses of clings and eggs);
- Plant of chipboard (production of chipboard);
- Furniture factory (furniture production);
- Greenhouses (growing berries);
- Cooper (production of barrels);
- ZEM plant (production of lovand oil);
- Oil mill (production of vegetable oil);
- Orchard (growing apples, apricots, plums);
- Fish Farm (fish farming);
- Grandfather Makar (production of moonshine).

Production under construction:
For the construction of production will need to bring a certain amount of timber, concrete and concrete blocks.
- Agricultural chemistry (products: fertilizer, liquid fertilizer, compost and seeds);
- Feed factory (products: feed for pigs and mono-mixture for cows);
- ChemProm (products: bags and glue);
- Sugar factory (products: sugar and molasses);
- Mill (products: flour and bran);
- Dairy (products: butter, kefir, condensed milk and yogurt);
- Weaving factory (products: dressed leather, linen, woolen fabric);
- Meat processing plant (products: meat, skins);
- Brewery (products: beer, kvass);
- Bread factory (products: bread, long loafs and pies);
- Canning factory (products: meat, vegetables, canned fish and juices).

Tested on game version v1.5.x   
Screenshots Mod
Swapa Agro Map v2.5 for FS19 Swapa Agro Map v2.5 for FS19 Swapa Agro Map v2.5 for FS19 Swapa Agro Map v2.5 for FS19 Swapa Agro Map v2.5 for FS19 Swapa Agro Map v2.5 for FS19

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  1. Hannes
    17 October 2020 11:23 | 0 | 0
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    hello, how can i produce moonshine, cant find a factory !