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FDR Logging Mods Pack v1.0 for FS19

4 May 2020 admin 540 0
Tested version:
FDR Logging Mods Pack v1.0 for FS19

Category - Mods Pack FS19
Version game - v1.5.x
Credits: - FDR LOGGING
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Description about «FDR Logging Mods Pack v1.0 for FS19»:

Mod FDR Logging Mods Pack v1.0 for FS19 | Farming Simulator 19 game.

FDR Logging Mods Pack - this mod add a big various vehicles, trucks, excavators, bulldozers, skidders, trailers, loader and much more for farmers players in FS19.

Features mod FDR Logging Mods Pack:
  • All Maps - Based On Feedback From Last Update, I Have Added More Weight And Stability For The Logs, They Are Easier To Handle And Don't Stick To Each Other
  • All Machines/Trucks/Trailers - Stability And Small Performance Changes To Increase Functionality
  • All Locking Trailers/Forwarders - Fixed Issue Where Logs Would Jitter Out Of Control While Locked In Any Machine Cage
  • All Locking Machines - Fixed Issue Where If Parked To Close To Trailer Machine Could Be Locked Down
  • All Tension Belts - Improved Grip On Logs And Stability Way Easier To Hold Logs And No More Jittery Glitching Unstable Locked Loads
  • All Trailers/Machines - None Of The Machines Are Lockable To Trailers Anymore, They Now Auto Lock To The Trailer Similar To Ingame Just By Driving Onto The Lowbed, You Still Can Knock Them Off The Trailer At High Speeds Or On Hard Impacts, So Drive Carefully
  • Barko Forwarder - Added More Length To The Bed For Support Of Longer Logs
  • Small Arm Dangle Clam - Changed To Black Color To Blender Better With Other Machines
  • Small Arm Dangle Clam - Fixed Large Collision Brace On Top Sticking Out
  • Pup Trailer - Fixed White Missing Texture On 5th Wheel Plate
  • Forwarder - Increased Turn Angle Range
  • Forwarder - Decreased Turn Speed (Better For People Using Keyboards)
  • Tigercat880 - Fixed Logo Letters Floating Off Boom
  • Tigercat822 - Fixed Missing Shader On Boom Causing Color Difference On Stick
  • Highstacker - Fixed Tension Belts Not Reaching Full Range Of Bucket
  • Waratah Dangle Processor - Stability Adjustments Smoother Operation And Less Gltiches

Update Mod (APR/24/2020):
  • New Mod - Timberpro Clambunk
  • New Mod - John Deere 648h Skidder
  • New Mod - Fixed Picker Grapple
  • New Mod - C100 (Revised With Single Claw Set For Better Grabs)
  • New Mod - Dangle Waratah Processor (New Model, New Sfx Total Rebuild)
  • New Mod - Fixed Waratah Processor (New Model, New Sfx Total Rebuild)
  • New Mod - Medium Log Trailer 

Tested on game version 1.5.x
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Reason: Mod Updated with new Mods
Screenshots Mod
FDR Logging Mods Pack v1.0 for FS19 FDR Logging Mods Pack v1.0 for FS19 FDR Logging Mods Pack v1.0 for FS19 FDR Logging Mods Pack v1.0 for FS19 FDR Logging Mods Pack v1.0 for FS19 FDR Logging Mods Pack v1.0 for FS19

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